My story

Hi, I am Kostas! I’d like to welcome you to my portfolio page that I like to call “Moments with people that became my friends”.
I live in a small Greek town called Alexandroupolis and after my 30’s I choose to live (not just work) as a photographer. Before that I studied and worked as a sustainable building designer & mechanical engineer and I was also a phd Cand and teacher assistant in university for many years. I admit I almost liked it but always I had the feeling of something missing until life chose to teach me some very hard lessons regarding the true meaning of life. To be brief, I lost two very important people in my life.


But in every problem in life we can see the positive side. So, knowing how important moments and memories are in our lives I re-discovered myself. I knew that I had to live in a new path. The one  of capturing at least the important memories of others in the best way I can. I consider my images being not only a service. This is the least that can be. Being a photographer is all about enjoying life and creating special moments for you and others. It is a way to see life as it is. Happy and sad, funny and debilitating, lonely and full of people. Combining that with creativity, technical know-how, a mind full of imagination and endless energy is my way to create new friends that they will understand that you did something more than they hired you to do …

As for me, that important turn my life gave me the opportunity to be a happy husband next to a wonderful woman (Sofia) that understands what and why I do it. And as the saying goes  “Behind every successful man is hidden a Woman” .