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WPPI Certification lofo

Fairytaleweddings is company with the “Wedding & Portrait Photographers International” Certification from New York Institute of Photophrahy and WPPI  since 2017

To begin with, my name is Kostas Ordoumpozanis and I am the founder of “Fairytale weddings”. I am 35 years old and some years ago, I made a choice to set aside my degree and phd as a sustainable building advisor and follow my one and only dream; living from my photo story-telling. So, wedding stories are the perfect subject to capture because they are full of moments, emotions, places, textures and colors.

My work can be characterized as a combination of photojournalism, fashion and conceptual photography. I like searching for creative angles, using a fine art photojournalist point of view and giving each wedding story a unique cinematic feeling. My “after day sessions” are all about conceptual photography. Each couple is an opportunity for me to design a conceptual photography in such a way so that they can tell their love story as they have imagined it. Photography is the ideal way for me to help you tell your own love story.


My one and main goal is to create a unique set of memories that will last for ever. And there is only one time proof product that can last in time, the Wedding Album. Each album is designed by me, with lots of love and creativity. I like emotion, simplicity and color so these are the main elements that I like to use every time i create a wedding album. In order to be able to provide high quality of products I have spent lots of time in order to check the products of many companies and find the one we deliver to our clients. I love fine art prints and the albums we suggest from 2016 are fine art albums. Of course we have alternative and less expensive products without losing quality.

As a person, I am very sociable and energetic. I have four dogs that fill my free time with joyful moments. I love dancing Tango Argentine while listening to this magical instrument called Bandoneon and I like walking in nature letting its energy recharge my batteries. Of course as you can image I love travelling and meeting new places and new cultures. At the end of the day what I want is a hug from my wife Sophie while watching a movie together and making plans for the future.

Every day I like studying something about photography because it’s my world and I feel that as I explore this magic world every day I also become a better person.