Nikos & maria: A Perfect Vintage Wedding day

I was waiting to publish this wedding from the moment I shoot the first photos. I think that was due to Maria’s (the Bride) and Niko’s (the Groom) happiness for the moment and that endless smiles that you could found everywhere around. There is one more reason. Their beloved child (unfortunately I avoid to post Images of children on the web so I won’t show him) who was a sweet little angel in the room. And for these how know me you would say also because there was lots of green, light, and a reception outdoors 😊
The wedding took place at Alexandroupolis this summer and the preparations of both bride and groom happened in the same place, Alexander beach hotel. A place with a dreamy green garden and rooms around a small pool in the middle of this small oasis. As you will probably understand from the following story, Maria had planed everything in such a beautifully way so it was a wedding that relatives, friends and of course the couple will remember for a long time. One example was the hangers of the wedding dress and the bridal tuxedo. The had the words “Bride” and “Groom” on them. Imagine that I was such impressed by these hangers (basically I love to collect them) that Maria game me a same set as a gift when I gave them their photos 😊 😊
The ceremony took place at Agia Anastasia, a church near Alexandroupolis that has that Vintage old feeling. Moments of love, pray, but I said before everyone was smiling! After the ceremony friends, family and guests walked some meters away to an olive Yard of a Venue naming “Kastro” that means “castle”. First time shooting a wedding there and I really loved that place. Maria had planned something really beautiful. The décor based on chamomile and olive, the people under the olive trees, the awesome music from their dj, and a very tasty and good meal from one of the best local catering company “To Spiti tou Glikou” . Everything perfect. So enjoy that story 😊

Hotel: Alexander beach hotel
Reception Venue: Kastro
Curch: Agia Anastasia Makri
Catering : To Spiti tou Glykou


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