Summer Wedding at Milos Greece : Pavlos & Irini

Island Milos, Greece. One of the most suggested destination worldwide for the year 2017. Also a very special destination to get married!!! . Pavlos and Irini, an adorable couple from Germany choose this special island for their wedding story. You see Irini has a family connection to this island and she knows its unique beauty.

For this wedding I had known that I was going to have a special story even before I booked it. You see I had met the couple two years before in another wedding at Greece. From the first moment I noticed their kindness and their love for each other. So, a beautiful couple, a couple full and a fantastic Greek island destination… you may imagine that my “appetite” to create unique images was at its highest level …

Our wedding story starts at the area of Plaka. The couple had booked a beautiful apartement with a great view of the sea. Me and the Cinematographer of the couple, Leonidas Seitanidis (fantastic guy by the way… book him!) arrived together quite early. We did some scotching in the general area to get some ideas and we found Irini and some of their closest people ready to live the “Bride’s day”. One highlight was of course their small Thihuahua dog. Adorable with a pink rose and always barking us when we were even thinking of getting close to Irini for some photos. The perfect bridesmaid bodyguard! I captured some hair and makeup preparation moments of Irini and the Bridal party along with some detail shots.

Pavlos was in another apartment with his relatives and friends nearby. From the moment that we entered inside I felt a continuing nonstop momentum of energy to capture. A photojournalist paradise to be in. It was a vintage house with adorable local decoration and inside that two level apartment many stories were taking place at the same time. Relatives getting ready while on the second floor Pavlos was trying to be taught some Greek dances from his friends. In the next room relatives getting ready while on the upper floor the best was preparing his tuxedo. And all of those moments in a full positive environment without any stress. After some great photos I looked for a place to have the getting ready photos of the Groom. An old vintage closet next to a small window with soft light, two mirrors at the same point, the Groom with his best party. Nice moments to capture.

As the time passed, we went again to the Brides location to have her preparation and family photos. This time the place was full of friends and family members and two guys playing some local instruments for the bride. Nice moments of bride’s happiness under that blue of the sky and the sea along with a very hot summer sun glowing all over the white of the walls. Finally, Irini got out of the apartment and the walk to the church inside that narrow island alleys. The church was Panagia Corfiatisa at Plaka. There Pavlos, the best man and lots of people were waiting for the bride, her friends and relatives. A welcome kiss full of joy and the ceremony starts. By the time of the wedding blesses the sun was at its sunset point and the view was glorious. A red sky over the magenta and blue sea. All the attended along with the couple enjoyed that beauty of nature along a cocktail until the dusk.

Before going to the venue we had decided to have some photos inside the alleys of Plaka. Even though the light was faint, the emotion of the couple was at its best. Among all this romantic situation, we had that adorable Tsihuahua together… “Family photos” ! The venue was “Milos Events Venue” at the other side of the island. A very beautiful place by the sea and full of small lights creating a warm atmosphere. A great entrance of the couple along with sparkles and fireworks and this was only the beginning of a great party…

The next day was off for us as the Pavlos and Irini had to rest a bit. Me and Leonidas started early morning until late at night scotching for locations. My idea was to create something different than the classic look of Greek Island Wedding style in white and blue. We had an island with colorful locations by the sea, unique beaches, narrow island alleys, steep cliffs by the sea, the most clear waters I had ever seen and even a moonscape location. So I spent all the day studying this beauties and at the end of it I had to choose carefully the proper location according to the sun position and feeling of the light. Finally, I managed to choose four locations as we had a full after wedding the next day… I won’t say much for the after wedding as the photos can describe all of it except one backstage moment that was unique.

For the last two images at Sarakiniko beach I explained to the couple my idea of creating an image that had never been made before within that landscape under the stars. Even though I thought that this was an extreme wedding idea, the couple agreed! I had found a very nice location there but in order to go there the bride had to walk over and hour and even climb in completed darkness over the white rocks of the area. And after that we made some really long exposures in order to capture the stars and the couple had to stay still! I have captured lots of weddings but Pavlo and Irini’s story will be from the ones that I will remember for a long time.

Couple Testimonials

Irini said…
The best Photographer!!! He is a very friendly person and had great ideas for our Weddingday and the Nextday shooting..we are so happy about the wonderful photos!

Wedding planner : Milos events
Reception Venue : Milos Events
Cinematographer : Leon Seitanidis
Decoration & Flowers : Milos Events
Hair : Tony Toy Hair Salon
Makeup : Salon de Beaute
Wedding Dress : Oksana Mukha
Grooms Toxido : Pursuits

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