Dimitris & Iris: Summer wedding at Samothraki

This is a story that took place at the beautiful island of Samothraki! I love this island. It has that magic energy that surrounds you, and makes you feel time and space in a completely different way! This story is also a bit different than the others for me. You see I know the bride from my childhood as we were family friends and also, I knew almost all the attendee from our childhood years. But let me explain it from the beginning …
Iris and Dimitris leave at Alexandroupolis and they decided to get married at Samothraki as they also love this island. They planned a simple but very beautiful wedding day as it should be for that specific location. You see Samothraki is an Island where you can be part of the nature and relax both physically and spiritually. So, Iris her family and her friends gathered to a very beautiful home of a common friend in order to get ready for the special day. This house was near the beach and it had a great yard with a view to mount Saos and also a view of the blue sea. A perfect place for summer relaxation moments.
Regularly you should be waiting from me to write moments of what happened according to the schedule of the day. But the beautiful part of that story was that there was no schedule at all. This is the way things got done in Samothraki… So, at the house there were many moments of dancing, moments with friends, moments of makeup preparation but there were some very special moments with the Iris’s father. You see her father was just recovering for a surgery and for that reason there was such happiness due to the fact that he managed to be on their special day. So, if you can imagine, a group of crazy girls, gathered around from all over Greece and from other countries in order to celebrate their best girlfriend special day, in an isolated island full of nature, lots of coffee and alcohol you get the idea of what happened at that house….
Some kilometers away at Therma (the most known place in Samothraki due to a vintage Greek Coffee Shop  under a huge tree) Dimitris, his friends and family were getting ready for the day. Unfortunately, I went there only to get some family and wedding party portraits as this was a last time decision of the couple. After that we all left for the Church. In order to get there, I had to travel a big distance by a scooter in order to reach to that beautiful location. You will understand at the next paragraph why I mention that…
The small churche’s name is “Panagia Gremiotisa “and it has that name because it is located at the end of a hill over the sea. The view of Aegean Sea from there is unique, but in order to go there you have to drive over a very old road over mount Saos and go up many steps on foot. After a while Dimitris (the groom), his family and the bride arrived. The ceremony took place outside that small church in an (almost) warm summer sunset. And I say almost because at the end the weather changed to a very rough summer storm. Everyone was at that church except the bride’s father that couldn’t step on that stairs. He was waiting a few meters by the church with his friend for the couple watching from there the ceremony. Imagine how happy  the bride was when she finally reached to her father after the ceremony to get his hug…
Do you remember the scooter? Imagine now driving back inside that summer thunderstorm (not only me but also many of the friends that came on bikes) back to the other side of the island in order to reach a local taverna to celebrate this wedding. I think I will remember this half an hour of driving for many years…
When we finally reached to Taverna “Kymata” the weather gave us  the perfect summer sunset with deep blues and purple colors. It was for a bit so everyone got some photos and selfies there. The day closed with a perfect Greek Taverna Party with live music everyone dancing and drinking tsipouro up to the morning hours…

Weddingwire review

The best choice for our wedding, great talent, professional, responsible, passionate and committed on what he is doing

As I have been knowing Kostas for many years I was well aware of his talent, how passionate and committed he is on what he is doing.
Through the years he has been present at most of the important family events and celebrations, capturing with his camera every single precious moment, always with the best of results.
I have loved his work all these years.
So for me it was out of question that it would be him to do the same for the most important moment of my life.
The truth is that our wedding was a chance to get to know him also as a professional rather than just a friend and artist that I did until now.
His professionalism and responsibility lead to a perfect cooperation. My partner and I didn’t regret even for a second that we trusted him all along.
During our wedding day, from the moment we started getting ready until the very last minute of the wedding party, he was full of energy, tireless and made all of us feel extremely comfortable.
At the same time he was following the flow of the events, capturing frame by frame every single memory.
I would bet that he could even climb at the edge of the cliff (and he somehow did) in order not to let a single beautiful moment go wasted.
Our beloved photographer we thank you deeply for everything!










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