Constantin & Sorina From Moldovia to Thasos

This was a wedding that came to me from our dear wedding planner GreeceWedding and it was located at a dreamy beach in a norther Greece Island, Thasos. Marble beach owes its name to a huge marble extraction location ove the area. The white dust that covers the whole area along with the blue crystal clear waters create a dreamy location for weddings.

I met Constantin and Shorina some hours before the Ceremony along with their families that came to Thasos from Moldavia. The first thing I noticed was their positive energy and their lovely smile. Our program was, as usual, creating some photos of preparations, with friends and family, portraits, details and lots of moments full of emotions. During preparations, Sorina and her friends had created some wonderful “tasks” for the groom in order to be able to get near her in front of the guests. At first, Constantine had to answer one question for every step of the stair, related to their everyday lives. Although I do not know Moldavic I could understand that this was challenging for the groom. Then the second task came… All the women of the wedding party had filled a white paper with lipstick traces and Constintin had to find the bride’s one.. even tougher. Finally, a knife appeared and he had to make an erotic confession to Shorina. But Constantin was a perfect groom passing all the tasks and reached his lovely bride… I love such moments

After that, we reached the location of the beach and the ceremony took place. Smiles and tears of joy under a warm summer sunset. Some photos at the beach and lots of funny moments on the mountain. Finally a wedding party full of dance and joy…

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Kostas = Professionalism
Kostas is the most professional and talented photographer we know, he is one of the person, due to whom, we have amazing memories for the rest of our life 😍 we were really surprised by his sense of beauty and the art of photography😊😍
When our wedding planner provided us the list of potential photographers, we definitely knew that Kostas should be our choice, and we never will regret this choice❤️

Wedding Planner: Greecewedding
Destination: Thasos Island Greece
Venue: March Beach, Thasos
Hotel: Priscess alypso

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