Lena & Caj – A summer Next day from Germany to Crete

This is the story of Lena and Caj. Lena is from Greece and two years ago she moved to Germany where she met Caj. They both work at the same restaurant, the place where their story started. I knew Lena when she was still in Greece through a local Tango dance Community. We used to dance sometimes together at milongas, but this was many years ago :p. In May I received a facebook message from Lena that informed me that she was getting married in Germany and that they were planning a honeymoon trip at Crete at at the end of summer with Caj. A perfect location to have some beautiful after wedding images. So this is the beginning of their story… Crete, 2017.

I met Lena and Caj the day I arrived, at a small bar next to sea with a great view in order to have some fun, talk and get to know each other a bit better. We talked about our plan of travelling and shooting for the next day that it was based on the area of Rethimno. We had chosen three locations. The city of Rethimno, a lake near that I still cannot remember its name and the beach of Frankokastro in the South of the island. The distances where long but we had a hole day to make our trip and have some photos along with good memories.

Next day we started early in the morning full of energy driving to Rethimno. A great place to have some photos at the small picturesque roads and near the beach. Our plan was to take some urban style shoots, as we did. Next destination was a lake nearby. At the moment we arrived it started to rain so we took some photos there and we started for the last destination. The beach of Frankokastro.

This was a perfect choice to make. The sun was at the perfect position, the colors had started to vibrate due to sunset, and Lena & Caj where in a lovely mood. We stayed there until the sun set into the sea capturing lovely photos and enjoining this magical sunset. After many hours of driving and photographing we arrived at our hotel a bit tired but with lots of memories of having fun and lots of good photos….

Couple review at WeddingWire

We booked FairytaleWeddings for our After Wedding Photoshoot in Kreta and we had an amazing Experience! It was fun and by Kostas you Really have someone who Loves what he does and you can see how he gives 1000%. Our Pictures turned out Beautiful and we are confident that we Made the best choice! Although we Live in Germany everything from the first Skype Meeting until the end worked perfectly!



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